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If you lose, you will 'black out' (retreat) to the nearest Pokémon Center where all your Pokémon will be fully healed. If you 'black out', whether from a Trainer battle.

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When a Pokémon has been poisoned, it will lose HP during battle, which can cause it to faint. Additionally, prior to Generation V, a poisoned Pokémon will lose 1.

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Trainers from opposing teams battle to reduce the motivation of the Pokémon on the Gym. Pokémon gradually lose motivation over time and by losing battles.

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But what happens if you do try to fight it and you lose? I will usually only fight slightly higher Pokemon when I've got a ton of Potions or Revive elixirs, because.

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You'll get the same loot whether you win or lose, which can include rare items like a Sinnoh Stone, the item needed to evolve many Pokémon with Evolutions first. You can unlock a set of five Trainer Battles in the GO Battle League by walking of whether you win or lose, but you'll soon find that you need to win battles to.