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Kitsune is a member of the race of fox monsters of the same name, encountered in Chapter 1 of Monster Girl Quest. This particular one has only two, meaning.

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Trivia - Kitsu is referred to by Kamuro as 'Kitsu-nee', which translates to 'Older Sister Kitsu' in Japanese, and is also a playoff on the Japanese word 'kitsune'. - If.

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Monsterpedia Entry. “A foxy variant of the Beast type, kitsune are known to have the highest potential magical power among animal-type monsters. That cannot be.

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Monsterpedia Entry. “A type of kitsune who strongly expresses attributes of the beast race. While she only has three tails, she is an honour student from the fox. The Kitsune then nudges Tamamo, who learns that her subordinate was rescued from a Spider Girl by Luka. As the leader of the kitsunes, Tamamo decides to.